4/10 – Tuesday – The Colors of the Rainbow: The Chakra Experience with Joann! 
Learn to Activate, Clear and Heal your chakras! Once a month, Joann will offer a class to expand your knowledge about the energy centers in our bodies, known as chakras. Every chakra is connected to different parts of the body, organ systems and emotions. The health of our chakras influence the way we see our world, interact with others and create things in our lives. Every month will be a different topic based on the information Joann is told by her “peeps” (ascended masters and goddess energy amongst others) to share with the group. This class is for beginners and seasoned individual alike. Every class session will be followed by a five minute group meditation or healing. April will focus on the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA....our energy center.

Please call to register by Saturday, April 7th. A minimum of five people for this class.7pm-8:30pm. 


04/11- Wednesday – Mystical Power of the Psalms
“The Book of Psalms is a collection of 150 ancient Hebrew poems or songs employed in a variety of spiritual, magical, medical, and social circumstances. It is common to recite them, either from memory or from a book, as a form of prayer, or while performing other devotions, such as bathing oneself, performing a spiritual cleaning of a home or business, placing candles or vigil lights upon an altar, or smudging a room or person with incense.” -Wiki

Come learn about the Mystical and Magical Power that the book of Psalms possesses. We will discuss and recite specific Psalms and learn how to use the Psalms for protection, enhanced intuitive abilities, healing, love, happiness, abundance and more! This class is recommended for those that are interested in Saint Magic or Folk Magic practices of all types!
Please Register by 04/09.Minimum of 6 people for this event.
7-8:30pm Cost: $30 pre-pay or $35 night of class.
Facilitator: Jeremy.


04/12 – Thursday  @ 7 pm     The Story of 3 Sisters Who Succeeded Against the Odds:
              LIFE STINKS!!!! ..........   BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

Confounded by health challenges and looking for honest answers? Wondering what chemical products might be doing to your health? Come and meet the Duggan Sisters. Creators of lifestinks® deodorant and movers and shakers in the world of personal care products and wellness, the Sisters tell it like it is and then some. Learn what got them started and why it matters to YOU. Accomplished raw chefs, authors, yogis, lymphatic specialists, survivors of life-threatening diagnoses, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, the Sisters will send you home energized and informed about deodorant, taking charge of your health, and so much more.

Having faced down real health challenges of their own, the Sisters bring authenticity and good humor to everything they do. Please join Mary, Annie and Clare Duggan for a fun and informative get together. There will be a 10% discount on their products when you shop at the end of the evening. Get a personalized consultation from the Sisters.
Reserve your spot!
call: (708) 429-3052 or email: events@duggansisters.com


04/14 – Saturday - Day Dreamer Jewelry by Rita    
Day Dreamer Jewelry is inspired by the beauty of nature.  Rita works to create a work of art using, intention, love and a special awareness of the meaning of each piece. Semi precious gemstones, crystals, sterling silver and copper are used to create one-of-a kind and unique pendants, bracelets and earrings. Day Dreamer Jewelry has been featured at local jewelers, galleries and professional photo shoots. For a sneak peak you can visit the Day Dreamer Jewelry website at www.RitaSchultz.com.   11:30 – 4:00


04/14- Saturday -  Heart Healing with The Blessed Mother      (Time and Date Change!)

The Blessed Mother is one of the most loving, healing and guiding energies one may be graced to encounter. Join Jeremy as he channels the immaculate spirit of The Queen of Angels and brings her messages & healing heart through. Her message is one of guidance toward the awakening to our fullest potential. During this session, Jeremy will lead everyone through a brief guided meditation to connect and call forth Mary's pure loving energy. Healing work will be facilitated by The Blessed Mother as Jeremy relays the messages her spirit brings forward. This is a monthly event and the message and healing The Holy Mother will bring forth will vary each month based on the the people in attendance.
There is a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 12 people for this event.

*Bring any items, crystals, jewelry, etc. that you would like to be blessed, cleared and charged by Mother Mary.*
7:00  pm   Cost: $33 pre-paid
Facilitator: Jeremy
Note: This is a combination of a Group Healing and a Spiritual Channeling. 


04/17 - Tuesday -Calling the Ancient Winged One: Dragon with Joann.
In this class we will be discussing and invoking the energy of Dragon and delving deep into the realms of ancient lore, shamanic teaching and wisdom.. Dragon reminds us to listen to and honor ourselves, protection and ancient wisdom and knowledge. Minimum of five people for this class. Cost is $33. 7pm-9pm

04/20 – Friday – Trust Your Inner Knowing: Psychometry with Joann
Psychometry is a form of divination. It is when one gets intuitive impressions by holding onto an object. In this class you will learn about what psychometry is, the steps to successfully get impressions and what those impressions are, how to interpret your impressions or signs and how to start to put it into practice into your own life. Psychometry is a wonderful way to expand your intuition and feel more confident in your abilities. This is an interactive class, one in which we will be practicing the art of psychometry. Please bring a personal object (like a piece of jewelry) that can be used in class to get impressions. A minimum of six people registered for this class. Please register by Tuesday, April 10th  . 6:30pm - 9:30pm. Cost $40 pre-pay before class; $45 day of class. No refunds. Joann has been utilizing this form of divination for over 30 years and will bring her knowledge and what her "peeps" have taught her to this workshop.


04/21 - Saturday-The Secret Door Shop Extravaganza Trunk Show by Andrea The Herbalist
We will be offering energy changing, therefore, life altering devices and products such as: Beautiful pieces of Orgonite, Jewelry, Oils, Soaps, Metaphysical kits, Crystal Grids, Amulets, Books and more. We will provide information to all who have questions regarding: House Clearing, EMF, Smog, Manifestation, Abundance, Meditation and basic energetic flow of Orgonite Devices for this dimension and beyond! Come on out! Enjoy the Good Energy…

04/22 – Sunday   Reiki One Certification Class with Reiki Master/Teacher Joann
Joann has been practicing different energy modalities for over 30 years and takes those years of practicing and teaching Reiki to facilitate this workshop. Because there was such a call to do this class again...we are offering once again.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality of hands on energy work. It promotes stress reduction, relaxation and overall health and well-being. It is guided by "laying on of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "Universal or Spiritual" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "universal life force energy." The class is a combination of lecture, dialogue and experience. Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions as well as a self - treatment. You will also receive your first Reiki I attunement (an attunement opens up the energy passageways in the body to be able to receive and conduct Reiki energy).In the Reiki I class all information and methods will be taught including:

* The definition of Reiki

* The history of Reiki

* Reiki guidelines with the hand positions for treating self and others

* Reiki treatment for self and others

This class is beneficial for those who want to learn to reduce stress as well as those who want to learn more about the healing arts. $275 pre-paid (limit of six and minimum of four - if there are more people interested, another class will be scheduled) 10am-6pm. Please register and pre-pay by April 10th. No refunds. When registering, please give your email address. Thank you.   10AM – 6PM

04/25- Wednesday - Walking with The Essenes
The Essene Archetype is a very intriguing and inspiring ideal. They are the frequency of enlightenment for the transformation and healing of self and the planet. The ancient Essenes were historically recognized as the mystical Jewish prophets of the desert. They considered themselves, in their terms, “the holy ones of God”. They were considered the children of Ascension. Many of the early Jewish followers of Jesus were also Essene. Mary’s parents (Joachim and Anna), Jesus’ parents (Mary and Joseph), Mary Magdalene, Moses, and John the Baptist were also Essene. The Essenes were not limited to a single religion, but studied all of them in order to extract the great scientific principles. They considered each religion to be a different stage of a single revelation. They were dedicated to bringing more light to the planet and all of its inhabitants. Come and discover who the Essenes were, their mission for the planet, and what they can still teach us today!
Minimum of 7 people for this class. Please register by 04/23.
7-8:30pm Cost: $33.
Facilitator: Jeremy.

NOTE: This is a prerequisite for the Immaculate Essence Healing Workshop on 05/06 but this is a stand alone workshop to those not wishing to attend Immaculate Essence Healing.

04/26 – Thursday – When Spirit Speaks - Working with the Elements with Joann
n some spiritual traditions it is believed that everything in this universe is made up of combinations of the Five Great Elements or building blocks. This includes the human being which also acquires a soul or spirit. These Five Elements are known as: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether. We are all Ether/Spirit but what element speaks to your soul and why? In this class we will be discussing the importance of and how to invoke the energy of the five elements, which element calls to you and why as well how to utilize them in your daily life. Joann will share with you what she has learned with working with elements and how her “Peeps” (guides) have taught her to work with them. Come and see how the elements may awaken you to another part of your journey. 7pm -9:30pm. Cost: $35 Prepaid by Tuesday April 24th or $40 on the night of class. Please pre-register for this class by Tuesday April 24th.

Joann has been walking the path of the medicine woman for over 34 years and is honored to share what she has learned with those who attend her classes and workshops.


04/28 – Saturday - Aura Photos with Dianne Reddington
manating from the human body is an electro-magnetic field which vibrates and fluctuates at different levels. The frequency at which this energy field is vibrating is a direct reflection of your inner state of being and manifests as one or more colors. The camera and equipment map your personal energy vibration and then analyze it and translate it into the color vibration that corresponds to your unique energy levels. The resulting colors represent the various vibrational levels in your electro-magnetic field. Each color is a particular aspect of your makeup and has a specific meaning just for you. In addition to the photo, Dianne will use the crystal oracle. This is a process of holding 5 crystals in your hand and silently asking a 'yes' or 'no' question. The crystals are then released onto a cloth which reflects all the vicissitudes of life, and the answer is clear. Dianne will use her intuitive abilities to relate the answer and add further clarification. Diane Reddington is the leading aura imaging biofeedback consultant in the Midwest and is on the adjunct faculty at Harper College where she teaches "The Energy of Auras".   For further information go to www.attuneauraphotography.com
Dianne has been doing Aura Photography here with us for years and she is amazing! 

Immaculate Essence Healing is a form of healing that has been channeled from The Blessed Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, and the Essenes. This is the healing art of the Essenes. The core of this modality is to go to the essence of a past wound and transform it into light through forgiveness, gratitude and unconditional love. Being initiated into this healing energy will activate your energetic DNA, expand your spiritual channels, bring light to all aspects of your soul, and facilitate profound transformation to you in all ways!
In this workshop you will experience:
-The Essenes and their teachings.

-How to connect and work with Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Anna, Mary, John the Baptist, Moses, and all of the Essenes for healing of self and others.

-Initiation ceremony into this energetic vibration.

-Understanding and use of sacred symbols.

-Guided meditations.

-Hands on practice.

-Reflection and sharing.

- And Much More!

 Prerequisite for this workshop is “Walking with The Essenes” on April 25th at 7pm which is included in tuition fee. You should also have knowledge of energy work and the chakra system. Already being attuned to Reiki or another energetic modality is ideal but not necessarily required, as Immaculate Essence Healing is complimentary to all other healing techniques.

11am-6pm. Tuition: $333 (Included in the price is the class “Walking with The Essenes” on 4/25). $111 paid at the time of registration to hold your spot, full payment due by April 25th. 6 participants minimum, 12 maximum.

 About the Facilitator, Jeremy: Through meditations, healing, spiritual channeling and vision, Mother Mary, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and The Essenes instructed Jeremy to teach this workshop. They told him that it is important for people to understand their teachings now more than ever. Jeremy has been working intimately with The Essenes on this workshop and he is so excited to share their channeled wisdom and knowledge with you! Are they calling to you to embrace your Inner-Light? If so join us for the very first Immaculate Essence Healing Workshop!








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