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When Spirit Speaks: Calling in the Archangels Series with Joann
The Archangels are the overseers of the Angelic Realm. They work by Creator’s side and in conjunction with the guardian angels to help humanity in the most amazing and powerful ways. They have specific jobs and duties and are available to everyone at all times. In this workshop we will be discussing four of the archangels: Chamuel, Ariel, Metatron and Haniel, who they are, their abilities, when to call them in and how to do it, why they are important messengers in this time and more.

Come meet these wonderful messengers of Spirit. Calling in and working with them can produce awesome miracles in your life. The last 10 minutes of the class will be dedicated to an angelic healing meditation.

Please call to register by March 25th. A minimum of five people for each class. Cost: $30 per individual class. $130 for all five sessions including the guided meditation session in May. $130 prepaid at time of registration. No Refunds!  7pm-8:30pm
Series Schedule:
Thursday, April 4th - Archangel Chamuel
Thursday, April 11th -Archangel Ariel
Thursday, April 18th-Archangel Metatron
Thursday, April 25th-Archangel Haniel
Thursday, May 2nd-A Night of Guided Meditation to Connect with the Archangels


04/19 - Friday - The Call of the Winged Ones with Joann

The Call of the thunderbird, unicorn, pegasus and dragon!!!  Nothing mythological about them!  Each Animal has its own Medicine (gifts, healing, knowledge and wisdom) which is unique to that specific being and those before them, their ancestral line.  People before us knew the importance of learning and the respect required to work with the animal spirits, including those we see as mythological creatures. These four creatures iare known to many indigenous people.

These animals are remarkable creatures. They have many amazing powers and use those powers only to benefit the earth and those who honor and respect mother. They remind us that we are only a small part of creation; that each part of creation has a place; that each creature has its own skill and wisdom.  Come learn about and experience the wonderful world of these great winged beings.  This class will cover the myth, folklore, legacy and symbolism of this creature, what they can teach us on our journey, how they can help us heal, protect and clear energies and how to create a relationship with a very powerful spirit ally.  

6:30pm-9pm, $30.  We will need a minimum of five people to hold this class.  Please call us by April 11th to reserve your spot.​

04/20 - Saturday - The Secret Door Shop Extravaganza Trunk with Andrea The  Herbalist!   

We will be offering energy changing, therefore life altering devices and products suchas: Beautiful pieces of Orgonite, Jewelry, Oils, Soaps, Metaphysical kits, Crystal Grids, Amulets, Books and more.
We will provide information to all who have questions regarding: House Clearing, EMF Smog,Manifestation, Abundance, Meditation and basic energetic flow of Orgonite Devices for this dimension and beyond!   Come on out! Enjoy the Good Energy...     12-6:00 pm   Free Samples of select products while supplies last...

04/24 – Wednesday – Bio Energetic Wellness System Introduction with Jane
We are happy to facilitate this introduction workshop for our newest service offering, Bio Energetic Wellness Scans with Jane!  These scans help detect biological and energetic imbalances. This includes all core biological functions of the body that coordinate keeping the body at its optimal level. It will detect, virus’ bacteria, fungus, stress on organ systems and what may be affecting that system. It will give indications of what systems need in order to become positively reinforced via supplements and other healing techniques such as bio feedback.
7:00-8:30pm Free Event!  Please call to reserve your spot by Monday, April 22nd.  

04/26 - Friday - Ghost Hunting 101 with Drea

Drea is back at Holistic Happenings dropping her knowledge on everything you need to know to get started in safely hunting spirits.  In this basics class will learn about the following topics:

Protecting yourself pre-hunt.

Using essential ghost hunting tools including: EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) reader, dowsing rods and thermal detection meter.

Post-hunt clearing techniques

Drea will also be providing attendees of the class there own informational booklet and clearing herbs to take home.  Minimum of 10 people to hold the class and you must register by Friday, April 19th by calling Holistic Happenings at 708-429-3052.  If you have been interested in ghost hunting and don’t know where to start, you do not want to miss this class!  ​

​7-8:30pm Cost: $30

04/28 - Sunday - Reiki One Certification with Joann
Joann has been practicing different energy modalities for over 30 years and takes those years of practicing and teaching Reiki to facilitate this workshop. Because there was such a call to do this class again...we are offering once again.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese modality of hands on energy work. It promotes stress reduction, relaxation and overall health and well-being. It is guided by "laying on of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "Universal or Spiritual" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "universal life force energy." The class is a combination of lecture, dialogue and experience. Practice time includes giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions as well as a self - treatment. You will also receive your first Reiki I attunement (an attunement opens up the energy passageways in the body to be able to receive and conduct Reiki energy).In the Reiki I class all information and methods will be taught including:
* The definition of Reiki
* The history of Reiki
* Reiki guidelines with the hand positions for treating self and others 
* Reiki treatment for self and others

This class is beneficial for those who want to learn to reduce stress as well as those who want to learn more about the healing arts. $275 pre-paid (limit of six and minimum of four - if there are more people interested, another class will be scheduled) 10am-6pm. Please register and pre-pay by April 10th. No refunds. When registering, please give your email address. Thank you.

4/30 - Tuesday - Experiencing the Oracle Cards: Connecting with your deck with Raven

Oracle Cards have so much to offer us if we know how to access them.  In this workshop, Raven Rose details the many ways you can connect with your deck so you can receive powerful messages from your oracle card decks.  Raven will also go over some of the many ways you can start to interpret the words, meanings and images in the cards for even added insight.  Please bring your own oracle card decks as few will be available as spares.  There is also a selection of oracle cards for purchase.  7:15 – 8:45 PM  $30


05/09 - Thursday - Astrology Talks: Compatibility and Relationships with Raven

One of Raven’s favorite topics in Astrology is compatibility.  How does Talkative Gemini mix with reserved Cancer?  How does intense Scorpio pair with passionate Aries?  In this workshop Raven goes over how the various signs interact as friends, lovers and everything else in-between.  She will also break down insights on how each sign approaches relationships, affection and friendship.   7:15 – 8:45     $30​

05/17 – Friday – The Gathering of Women: The Sanctified Circle with Joann
This year and beyond is the time to redefine and recapture divine feminine energy.  This gathering is for women of all backgrounds and spiritual practices.  It is a sacred circle being created to support each other on our journey.  This group is NOT a group counseling session but a place to express our inner most desires, talk about the obstacles in our way to obtain these desires, express our spiritual knowing and assist and support one another in the evolution of our spirit.  This is an opportunity to be with other women who are like minded and are wanting to support each other on their path. 

7:00 to 8:30pm A minimum of five people to hold this group.  Please call to let us know you will be attending by May 12th.  Cost is: $13.

This group is being facilitated by Joann who is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Multi-denominational minister, intuitive healer, physical and mental medium and workshop and retreat facilitator.  Joann's goal is to help her fellow sister goddesses to stand firmer in their power, recapture joy and know their own spiritual path.​

05/19 – Sunday – Empath and Narcissist All Day Retreat with Joann
Calling All Empaths!!!!  Take a break from your routine as you step into your ultimate power and potential as an empath/highly sensitive person in a supportive, safe and welcoming environment.  During this all day retreat we will be experiencing and connecting deeper into our emphatic gifts and exploring and discussing our connection with people with narcissistic behaviors. We will discuss why they are attracted to empaths, what to do to recognize these behaviors in others, how to protect ourselves from these people and energies and so much more. Note this is NOT a counseling group.  This is an informational day where we will also be experiencing empowerment through such outlets as guided meditation, journaling, group discussion and reflection, music, creative visualizations, as well as discovering ways to feel more comfortable and confident in our abilities. This will be a flowing, fun, healing and deeply transformational day.  

Wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal for writing and any creature comforts that will help you on your journey, i.e., blankets, pillows, etc.  Outside food and beverages are allowed so bring snacks and a lunch. 
11-5pm  Cost: $111(cost includes handouts and snacks) paid at time of registration.  Please register by May 7th by calling (708) 429-3052 or in person at Holistic Happenings Healing Center; 7925 W. 171st Street; Tinley Park. Please include your email address and phone number at time of registration.  Minimum of six people and Maximum of 12.  No Refunds!  

This retreat will be facilitated by Joann.  Joann has been on her spiritual journey for over 30 years, discovering her emphatic gifts at an early age.  Joann is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Workshop and Retreat Facilitator, Minister and Physical Medium.  She feels it is an honor to walk this planet with each and every living being and to share knowledge with others.

 Please contact us at 708-429-3052 and let us know if you plan on attending any of our amazing classes!!