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Monday through Saturday

​11am - 7pm


Please call us at 708-429-3052 if you plan on attending any of our amazing events!

10/09 – Wednesday – Tarot:  The Suit of Cups, Emotions and Empathy with Raven    The suit of cups tells us the story of emotions, relationships, and building trust and understanding in our emotional awareness.  In this workshop, we’ll be reviewing the dynamics of the cups suit, discerning classical images as well as interpreting modern takes on the suit of cups.  Attendees must use a tarot deck for this class.  Extras will be limited on the night of the class.   7 – 9    $25


10/10 – Thursday - Expanding Your Intuition: Psychometry 101 with Joann        Psychometry is a form of divination. It is when one gets intuitive impressions by holding onto an object. In this class you will learn about what psychometry is, the steps to successfully get impressions and what those impressions are, how to interpret your impressions or signs and how to start to put it into practice into your own life. Psychometry is a wonderful way to expand your intuition and feel more confident in your abilities. This is an interactive class, one in which we will be practicing the art of psychometry. Please bring a personal object (like a piece of jewelry) that can be used in class to get impressions. A minimum of six people registered for this class. Please register by October 6th. 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Cost $35  . Joann has been utilizing this form of divination for over 30 years and will bring her knowledge and what her "peeps" have taught her to this workshop..


10/11 – Friday – Candle Magic 101 with Raven    Candle magick can be simple and effective if you learn the basics. In this class, Raven will demonstrate how to use candles from start to finish. She will also go over important details such as color, interpreting shapes and movement of the flame, and herbs to go along with each intention. Please call 708-429-3052 to RSVP.      7 – 9 pm    $25

 10/12 - Saturday - Day Dreamer Jewelry by Rita    Day Dreamer Jewelry is inspired by the beauty of nature. Rita works to create a work of art using, intention, love and a special awareness of the meaning of each piece. Semi precious gemstones, crystals, sterling silver and copper are used to create one-of-a kind and unique pendants, bracelets and earrings. Day Dreamer Jewelry has been featured at local jewelers, galleries and professional photo shoots.  For a sneak peek you can visit the Day Dreamer Jewelry website at www.RitaSchultz.com. 



10/15 – Tuesday – FREE Information Session on Medical Qigong and Health Coaching with Rachel!!!   Due to popular demand, we are offering this session again! We are so excited to be offering Medical Qigong and Health Coaching with Rachel! Rachel is a medical qigong practitioner and a functional medicine health and wellness coach. She will be here from 7-8 pm to explain what Medical Qigong energy treatments are, how the customized sessions work, and what health benefits you can expect from a session. In the stressed world we live in, she will explain how to find more love, peace, joy, and tranquility through qigong movements, breathing, and treatments. Current scientific studies show that the mind-body discipline of qigong helps reduce stress and bring balance to your life.

Rachel will also discuss health coaching and how get healthy, even when you don’t want to change. She will explain how taking small steps can create a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, lose weight, and get rid of chronic health conditions.


10/16 – Wednesday – Sacred Symbolism and Sigils with Raven       Have you ever seen a unique symbol and wondered what the significance of it was?  In this workshop Raven will take a deep dive on some of the most powerful symbols in tarot and magick.  She will go over the origin of the symbols, cultural significance, and ow they can be used to amplify magick and manifestation.  

7 – 9     $25


10/19 – Saturday – THE LONG AWAITED RETURN of the Secret Door Shop Trunk Show with Drea!          New amazing items! Spiritual cleansing supplies like soaps, salts, metaphysical kits. There is always new orgonite with ancient symbols, and pieces to protect
your aura and transmute negative energy into good usable energy! Manifest jars, karma boxes, sage spays and much more. Protection against evil eye, candles, oils, portable portals and much much more. Free dingies with purchase while supplies last!    Starts at NOON!


10/22 – Tuesday –   As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without with Andrea the Herbalist       In this class we will discuss how to alter your reality by adjusting your rate of vibration and your perception of reality. True Magick is done within.  The candles, crystals, herbs etc. are to change your rate of vibration and as a result, the space around you responds. We affect the aether and then this dense reality follows. What you are actually doing is realizing the Truth... (There is no spoon!) The axiom, "All is Mind," becomes a living reality for you. Self Realization is the unfolding of your Divine Nature.... This is Alchemy, High Magick and the Philosopher's Stone. You are changing your base human nature into Divinity. $20  7 – 9 pm

 "To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 

And Eternity in an hour."



10/23 – Wednesday – Astrology Series:  The Twelve Houses with Raven     Astrology has many nuances.  The houses a sign operates can make major shifts in how one’s personality is developed, along with their sense of purpose and actualization.  In this workshop, Raven will go over the importance of each of the 12 houses, how to find them in a birth chart (instructions will be provided in class), and how to interpret each house for divination purposes.         $25   7 – 9



10/24 – Thursday – Heart and Soul Talk with Joann    Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and a healthy goodie and join Joann for a group Heart & Soul Talk. These gatherings are designed to create an atmosphere of open, honest, real and sincere dialogues. Joann (and her “peeps/guides”) will be there to answer questions you may have about spiritual and intuitive matters as well as share experiences and stories. Bring your questions, stories and experiences.

Come and join us as we discuss and explore the topic of All Hallow's Eve lore and twix and between. Let's see where this subject leads us!

Minimum of five people to hold this event. Register by October 20th 7pm-8:30pm. Introductory Cost: $25. Note: This is not a spiritual gallery!



10/30 – Wednesday – Graveyard Magick with Raven     No need to be afraid of graveyards!  In fact, these places of sacred power have so much to offer us with proper reverence and an open mind.  Raven has been working with graveyard magick for the majority of her spiritual career and has unique insights from her workings in Hatian fold magick.  In this workshop you will learn about cleansing with graveyard dirt, manifesting, and other techniques to honor the fallen and resurrect greater purpose in your life.  This is one you don’t want to miss.          $25   7-9 pm


11/07 – Thursday -  The Colors of the Rainbow:  The chakra experience, root and sacral chakra with Joann       Learn to Activate, Clear and Heal your chakras! Joann will offer a class to expand your knowledge about the energy centers in our bodies, known as chakras. Every chakra is connected to different parts of the body, organ systems and emotions. The health of our chakras influence the way we see our world, interact with others and create things in our lives. This class is for beginners and seasoned individual alike. Every class session will be followed by a five minute group meditation or healing. The ROOT CHAKRA is all about our right to survive, financial stability, relationship foundation and being grounded. The SACRAL CHAKRA is about self confidence, joy, creativity and our right to feel.

Please call to register by October 12th. A minimum of five people for this class.7pm-9:15pm. Cost: $30