10/23 - Tuesday - Crazy About Crystals: The Beginning with Joann

Come join Joann as we learn, celebrate and contemplate about the marvel of crystals. This workshop will touch on the physical, as well as the “metaphysical” properties of the crystals highlighted. There will be discussion, a bit of energy experimentation and of course fun! So come and raise your vibration with these wonders of the earth. You will receive one of each of the stones discussed in the class. We will be starting from the beginning.

The stones this month are garnet and ruby.

Please call to register by Saturday, October 20th. A minimum of five people for this class. 7pm–8:30 pm $25

10/24 - Wednesday - Full Moon Ancestor Blessing

As we approach all-souls day and Dia de los Muertos ( Day of The Dead), our Ancestors begin to gather. During this event the Full moon will be the beacon to the souls of our departed loved ones and our Ancient Ancestors. We will ask them to bring us blessings from the other side and bestow these upon us under the light of the full moon. We will also ask Grandmother moon and our Ancient Ancestors to awaken our consciousness to the Ancient Ones that have walked the Earth, to our eternal Ancient Healer self and to the Infinite Intelligence that lies within you.
Please bring a food/drink item that your loved ones enjoyed that you don’t mind sharing with everyone, and flowers to leave as an offering to our Ancestors.
Cost: $35      7-8:30pm     Facilitator: Jeremy



11/01 – Introduction to Saint Magic

Saint Magic is another phrase for the "Miracles of the Saints". A saintly miracle is an event not explainable by natural or scientific laws attributed to a Saint. A miracle is preformed to reveal the power and the existence of God. This is magic. 

In this workshop we will be briefly learning about specific saints and what there specialties are. We will learn how to invoke them into our lives through candles, medals, holy cards, statues, crystals, incense, offerings, prayer, and more. We will each be creating a Saint Magic bag, with saint medals, crystals, and herbs. Each person will leave with a ready to use juju bag to use for healing, protection, abundance, joy or whatever their heart desires.

You will walk away with a better understanding of how to tap into the Saintly Realm to create Miracles in your daily life!   7-9pm     $45 includes all supplies.
There is a minimum of 7 people for this class. Please register by October 30th.
*This is the perfect day to learn Saint Magic as it is November 1st which is All-Saints Day!*

​11/02 - Friday - The Goddess Experience: Rocking the Divine Feminine with Joann

In this workshop we will delve into the mysteries of four amazing goddesses/ascended masters (Vesta, Abumdantia, Pinga and Sige) utilizing such effects as ceremony, class discussion, personal exploration, story, myth, literature and spiritual techniques and what they have taught and revealed to Joann for uncovering and embracing their presence in our lives. This class will be dedicated to exploring, learning about, calling in the energy of and understanding the aspects of these amazing woman. They call us to work with them to gain a greater understanding of who we are, working on forging a firmer foundation of our life's path, creating stronger relationships within ourselves, with others and with Spirit, connecting deeper with self love and self honor, delving into the sources of divine feminine energy and understanding of why you are on the journey you are currently on.

 Bring something you would like blessed that will be put on the altar, which will be dedicated to the divine feminine. You will be bringing your item back home with you.

Please call to register by Tuesday, October 30th. A minimum of seven people for this class. 6:30pm- 9:30pm. Cost: $40 day.....pre pay before day of class $35.

11/07 – Wednesday – Manifesting Your Desires – Journey of the New Moon with Joann

The new moon is a mystical, magical time. It is a time to set intentions, create new goals, reflect on old ones, new beginnings, set positive intentions forward, create a fresh start. In this workshop we will be talking about the new moon cycle and creating ceremony to bring in new and keep the old and what no longer serves in the past. Bring anything you would like to have blessed on the altar and something to share with the rest of the participants. Cost is $25. Please call us to let us know you will be attending by November 1st. A minimum of five people to hold this class.   7:00 – 8:30

​11/09 - Friday - Healing of the Roses Meditation with Jeremey

Roses have been given for centuries as a sign of love due to the fact that their frequency and vibrational properties resonate with the energies of pure unconditional love.  The frequency of a rose is 320 Hz, well  within the spirtual change frequencies between 92 and 360 Hz.

During this healing mediation you will bring with you one dozen real live roses that will be placed over your chakra points and anywhere else Jeremy is intuitively guided to place them.  The intention of the roses is to absorb negative energy, remove emotional blockages, clear worries, doubts and anything that no longer serves your highest potential.    7:00pm – 8:30pm  Cost $33​

11/10 – Saturday - Day Dreamer Jewelry by Rita  

Day Dreamer Jewelry is inspired by the beauty of nature.  Rita works to create a work of art using, intention, love and a special awareness of the meaning of each piece. Semi precious gemstones, crystals, sterling silver and copper are used to create one-of-a kind and unique pendants, bracelets and earrings. Day Dreamer Jewelry has been featured at local jewelers, galleries and professional photo shoots. For a sneak peak you can visit the Day Dreamer Jewelry website at   11:30 – 4:00


11/10 – Saturday – Aura Photos with Dianne Reddington  

​Emanating from the human body is an electro-magnetic field which vibrates and fluctuates at different levels. The frequency at which this energy field is vibrating is a direct reflection of your inner state of being and manifests as one or more colors. The camera and equipment map your personal energy vibration and then analyze it and translate it into the color vibration that corresponds to your unique energy levels. The resulting colors represent the various vibrational levels in your electro-magnetic field. Each color is a particular aspect of your makeup and has a specific meaning just for you. In addition to thephoto, Dianne will use the crystal oracle. This is a process of holding 5 crystals in your hand and silently asking a 'yes' or 'no' question. The crystals are then released onto a cloth which reflects all the vicissitudes of life, and the answer is clear. Dianne will use her intuitive abilities to relate the answer and add further clarification. Diane Reddington is the leading aura imaging biofeedback consultant in the Midwest and is on the adjunct faculty at Harper College where she teaches "The Energy of Auras".   For further information go      $40 

Dianne has been doing Aura Photography here with us for years and she is amazing! Call and make your appointment soon - because she fills up quickly!!!   11:30-5:00

11/11 - Sunday - Manifesting with the Magic of The Saints: All- Day Retreat

The Saints were humans just like you, who were know to work miracles with their innate connection to the source. This innate connection is their Magic. We all posses this connection and magic within us. Join Jeremy for this all-day retreat and discover your innate magic and learn how to begin to manifest miracles into your daily life.

What to expect:
-Meditation to meet The Saints
-Discover new Saints.
-4 Saint Blessings for Protection, Healing, Abundance, and Expanded Intuition.
-How to incorporate The Psalms and other prayers into your Saint Magic practices.
-A deeper understanding of who the saints are and what energy they bring to our journey.

This is a day full of not just learning, but lots of hands on experience. We will be calling in the Saints and really working with their energy to manifest whatever your heart desires. Come on out and spend your 11/11 working with these powerful beings of light!
11-6pm  $171 (includes all handouts, supplies, and snacks)
Prerequisite is Intro to Saint Magic on 11/1. Class must be pre-paid by 11/1.
No refunds or credits will be given after registration.
Facilitator: Jeremy

​11/15 - Thursday - Magical, Mystical Moon Cycles Part 2 with Joann

​Whether you know it as Grandmother Moon, the man in the moon, the symbol of the goddess or simply that big, wonderful star in the sky; the moon has many legends, lore and magical associations tied to it. Did you know that the moon is associated with the unconscious, the realm of dreams and intuition? Or that it represents the feminine, mystical side of our nature? The sacredness of the moon is connected to the rhythms of life. The changing phases of the moon were linked to the death and rebirth reflected with the seasons. This workshop will delve deeper into the different meanings of the moon and what they mean, how to work with moon energy and much, much more! Moon cycles 101 is prerequisite for taking this class – 6:30pm – 9:30pm -Cost: $35 pre-pay. Minimum of five people to hold this class. Please register by September 5th.​

11/17 – Saturday - The Secret Door Shop Extravaganza Trunk Show by Andrea The Herbalist

We will be offering energy changing, therefore, life altering devices and products such as: Beautiful pieces of Orgonite, Jewelry, Oils, Soaps, Metaphysical kits, Crystal Grids, Amulets, Books and more. We will provide information to all who have questions regarding: House Clearing, EMF, Smog, Manifestation, Abundance, Meditation and basic energetic flow of Orgonite Devices for this dimension and beyond! Come on out and enjoy the good energy…12-5pm

Special workshops running during October and November!

Intuitive Well-Being Series: Energy Self Defense: Learn How to Clean, Clear and Protect Your Energy. $144 for the whole series if paid upfront otherwise individual costs apply.

Thursday, October 18th--– Energy Vampirism and Toxic Energy with Joann

Everyone seems to have their own varying opinion on psychic vampirism, energy vampirism or energy draining. Does it exist? What is it? How do you prevent it? This is something I read recently which describes it in simple terms: Some people bring unexpected lightness and comfort to your life. They spark with energy, practically electrify you with their presence. And then there are those who leave you feeling stressed out, guilty or exhausted down to your very last molecule. I call them energy vampires. Sound familiar? Come to this 2 ½ hour workshop to discuss this phenomenon, what it is, symptoms of energy draining, how to spot an energy drainer, tips to protect oneself from the effects, etc. - 6:30pm – 9pm - Cost: $40 

Thursday, October 25th- Sacred Symbols for Protection with Joann

Ancient symbols have been around for many centuries. They offer emotional, spiritual and psychological assistance and fortification to many of those who believe and rely in their energy. Every culture throughout history has their unique beliefs and sacred symbols that they have turned to in their time of need, which have influenced people in many distinctive ways. The same symbol can have distinct meanings within different cultures at various points in time. The unifying factor behind all protection symbols is that they protect people, places and things from negative energies and evil spirits as well as give strength, courage and possible aid in healing to the individuals who utilize them.

This workshop will cover various sacred protection symbols, a bit of their history, their meanings and how to utilize them for spiritual protection. – 6:30pm – 9pm - Cost: $40

Thursday, November 8th- Practical Ways of Cleaning and Clearing Spaces and Your Energy Fields with Joann- This will be a hands on interactive class to show practical ways of clearing and cleansing your energy and the energy of significant spaces. 6:30pm – 9pm - Cost: $40

 Friday, November 16th-Creating Sacred Object for Absorbing Negative Energy with Joann - In this hands on class we will be creating a sacred object to help absorb negative energy around us and learn the folklore of sacred objects and its uses. 6:30pm – 9pm - Cost: $45 (includes supplies) 

10/29 - 12/03  Mondays – Fundamentals of Belly Dance with Sahara
New Session Starting!
All levels, all ages, shapes and sizes!   No dance experience necessary – Belly dance is for everyone!
Work on your core strength / Tone your muscles    - Come celebrate your femininity!   
Bring your hip-scarf and be ready to have fun.
(hip-scarves will also be available for purchase)

(Minimum of 5 participants)
 6 WEEK SESSION 50.00     Drop in rate - $15
Minimum of 5 people to hold class.   Must be signed up by Saturday, October 27th.  

Please call us at 708-429-3052 if you plan on attending any of our amazing events!

7925 West 171st Street Tinley Park, IL 60477 
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