Customer Feedback
Here at Happenings, we are always interested in thoughts and suggestions from our customers. If you'd like to comment on your experience at our store, please do not hesitate to email us at, or stop in and fill out a comment card at the front desk. Namaste!

Jeremy has a real kind and gentle spirit that I noticed right away. Getting a reading from him was one of the smartest things I have ever done. He was the push I needed to move forward in living my life purpose. I am so looking forward to my next reading from him! AJaye

LOVE Holistic Happening! The classes are amazing! I have learned so much about healing energy, crystals and chakras. Joann is an amazing healer and teacher. The minute you walk through the door you feel the calming, serene energy greet you. Everyone you encounter at HH is like being with family. Doreen

I met Jeremy about a year ago and I was drawn to his amazing energy. So welcoming and heartwarming. His readings are always given with so much wisdom and truth. I have been able to connect with my spirit guides, past lives and Saints through his channeling. He has helped guide and reawaken my gifts and personal journey. I always look forward to when I have an upcoming reading scheduled with him. He is a bright light that the world needs and am happy to call him my friend!​ Christine

Joann was awesome.  She totally touched on my energy and reinforced things.  Dona

A session with Joann is different each time I go.  It is always just what I need and the healing that I have experienced is difficult to put into words, in addition to learning from her as well. I enroll in as many classes or meditations as I can.  I learn something new each time I attend.   A session with Joann is like a vitamin. I need to have one on a regular basis. Cheryl

I had an awesome counseling session with Joann.  It's always a great experience due to ALL involved.  Thank you for creating a place of love, light, and acceptance.  Jillian

An absolutely amazing staff with equally amazing customer service! Haley

I must say that Jeremy, who is a reader at Holistic Happenings in Tinley Park, is an outstanding and gifted new reader on the scene. He is very young, but his readings reflect a maturity beyond his twenty-one years. There is no doubt he is receiving messages and directions and insights from the other side. He astounds you with his right-on input regarding your family and friends who have transitioned. It is so comforting to receive direct communications when he channels Archangel Michael. This opens one up to new directions, and the love from the other side just emanates from him. I am telling all my friends, most of whom are metaphysical enthusiasts like myself, to utilize the in-depth feedback that Jeremy will provide. His readings leave you with a sense of being guided and in good hands with your angels, spirit guides, and your loved ones assisting you in your earthly journey.  Do not miss an opportunity for a reading! Rose from Frankfort (75 y/o)

(On Mar's Custom Flower Essences) In one word... FANTASTIC! I haven't worked with flower essences before, but the changes that have taken place, i would never have seen coming. They work at a level underneath your physical body and thought which is beneficial for two reasons, 1.) You won't see it coming , at least for me, this made the growth a bit more exciting... I found myself waiting to see what i would do next...and 2.) it is a LOT harder for you to get in the way, by overthinking, or otherwise. The flower essences work at a pure, energetic core, so to speak, they do their work, and their effects come through, outwardly, in a completely natural way, after the fact you may look back on some things and say "that was me?" but in the moment, and as your growth continues, everything feels completely natural, because YOU are growing and changing. Whether you are eliminating the unwanted, trying to become more assertive, or just to develop qualities to help serve your highest and best, I highly recommend Mar's Flower Power Drop's, I can attest, 100% that they work tremendous ready! Maxwell​

I met Jeremy for the first time today for an intuitive reading. He definitely has a God given gift to be able to hear messages from our loved ones who have crossed over. I was amazed. I've had psychic readings before, but I have never met anyone like Jeremy. I am so happy that I have found Holistic Happenings & Jeremy. Joanie

I love the service here.  These wonderful people have changed my life for the better.  Rekita

Reflexology with Breanne was amazing.  She is very nice and knows exactly what points to push and how hard.  Annie

Holistic Happenings has wonderful energy, great crystals, candles, incense and wonderful people! Drea

Friendly, helpful (never pushy), and care giving attitude.  They will help you find what you need and have very honest pricing.  Lovely, personable, friendly and they remember their customers.  Aaron

I had an awesome chakra balancing and Reiki session with Joann.  I also had a facial with Marylynn.  Great people and an excellent atmosphere.  Adrian

I had my first reading with Jeremy at the anniversary celebration. It was beyond my expectations!  Everything was on the mark and he shared new insights which has helped me along my journey.  I then scheduled a full session. Well, that did not disappoint either. It was amazing! So much information to absorb.  I recommend a session to everyone.  Cheryl

My energy restoration session with Joann was awesome.  Erin

Joann was great!  Thank you everyone!  I wish this place was closer to home.  I will be coming back.  Nancy

I love the attention I get here.  Sharon

I first met Jeremy Bieser – an intuitive reader at Holistic Happenings in March of 2016.  I found Jeremy to be very intuitive, knowledgeable, and an expert at his craft.  However, what has drawn me back to visit Jeremy is his kind heart, positive attitude, and his instinctive desire to truly help people with his amazing gift. Jeremy has impacted my life by giving me the necessary tools I need to make some positive life changes I was seeking.  He is an incredible human being with a truly amazing gift. Audrey 

I had an awesome reading with Anthony.  Nicole

Joann and her classes have helped shape the person i am today! Without her guidance and nurturing words of advice i truly would still be lost. I recommend her to everyone going through low points, because through a combination of energy work,spiritual counseling and her classes I have found my way. I am forever grateful to her and to Holistic Happenings for being her home. Jeremy

I love the items they carry.  It's always a wonderful experience!  My pleasure to give them business.  The girls are very sweet.  Britney

I'm glad I connected with Holistic Happenings.  There stones are awesome.  Sharon

My spiritual journey with Joann was absolutely amazing!  James

I had a fear of flying and did hypnotherapy with Judy.  What a wonderful experience!  I am very thankful and excited to fly.  Kristen

Marylynn is the best!  My facial was awesome.  My skin feels amazing.  Lisa

The animal totem class was wonderful.  Loved such a great class.  Sandra

Can quickly become an addictive place to go. They offer many classes and have a very nice collection of stones and crystals. Janice

Wonderful place and beautiful people. Can't say enough about them. I LOVE you guys! Your classes and services are top notch. I wouldn't be where I am without you. Julie

"Reflexology with Breanne is my favorite service at Happenings!"

Everything was great!  Renee

100% recommend Holistic Happenings!! I tell EVERYONE about them. I have nothing but good things to say about this place and every one I have met there! Seriously, everyone there is amazing, even the clients I've met!!! Danielle

I had the opportunity to attend the coloring event here last night and loved it! What a great, uplifting, fun, relaxing place filled with great people! Can't wait to visit again! Anna

Love this shop and love Joann.  Donna

LOVE this place! I'm learning so much. Everyone is SO nice and helpful!

Love Mar and Joann.  Both were awesome.  I felt right at home.  Danielle

Organized and great customer service.  Taylor

The Forgiveness Retreat was awesome.  It really helped me through the whole forgiveness process and got me to dig deep.  Nikki

The Forgiveness Retreat was awesome.  Love the retreat and learned to love myself.

I love the people, they love you back & they always have answers for you! Samantha

I have been seeing Pam Kost for quite a while for Craniosacral work. It has done wonders! She has helped with my anxiety so much! Also areas of pain and discomfort have felt so much better! I always leave actually feeling happier. Thank you Pam for doing so much for me! Jamie

​This place is Magical! Joann & Mar are amazing! I love it! Heather

"I had a wonderful experience at Holistic Happenings. I can't wait to schedule my next appointment!"

Get to Know Us

Holistic Happenings Healing Center is a tranquil, sacred space nestled in the south suburb of Tinley Park.  With many natural and energetic modalities to choose from, this is a place where one can go to learn, relax, and assist oneself in the healing of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.  We invite you to come into our center and experience the healing powers of our many services for yourself.  We offer classes, personal sessions, social gatherings and carry a large variety of crystals, essential oils, jewelry, smudge, incense, candles and many other items that may assist you on your healing journey. Stop in today!  We are so excited to start this Journey with you!